1. EN – Wallet is a virtual wallet that uses both of BitCoin and BitCoin Cash, where EN – COMT, on the other hand, relies on the Euro to measure all your financial transactions which are conducted by using cryptocurrencies.

2. EN – Wallet gives you the ability to send and receive your money easily and conveniently just as easy as using your mobile phone.

3. EN – Wallet is superior to other virtual wallets and other payment gateways through its clear and easy to understand legal terms and conditions, enabling it to support all sizes of your personal and business financial transactions regardless of your geographical location.

4. The EN – Wallet policy of transparency is a basic rule for completing your financial transactions. Thus, EN – Wallet records all the details of your financial transactions data through its internal ledger, as well as its direct link to the Blockchain Network which enables you to verify all your financial transactions.

5. EN – Wallet is designed to generate new addresses every time you send or receive money, in addition to having many other security and encryption technologies that increase your financial security.

6. EN – Wallet also is distinguished by its competitive fees when compared to many other virtual wallets and payment gateways, where you only pay a fee of € 2 Euros (BTC 0.00036) every time you send or receive any amounts of money, in addition to the little fees that you have to pay for both of the Blockchain Network and the various financial institutions associated with EN – Wallet.