The more EN – COMT reaches to higher successes, the greater his legal challenges from all directions, which makes EN – COMT keen to work with the most qualified legal consultants who have the following legal qualities and skills:

  1. Who deals on the basis of ethical and professional standards and who appreciates and respects people.
  2. Who has the courage to work with EN – COMT when it comes to all his related legal challenges.
  3. Who deals with EN – COMT on the basis that he’s an integral part of their legal firms.
  4. Who have the ability to understand EN – COMT’s legal needs in the technology industry.
  5. They are fully aware of the rules of international law that help EN – COMT enters into new markets.
  6. Their ability to innovate and work efficiently and quickly while dealing with EN – COMT’s legal disputes, as well as their ability to defend EN – COMT reputation.
  7. Their ability to combine knowledge and experience that enables them to provide legal consultation to assist EN – COMT making his right legal decisions.

Based on the above, EN – COMT carefully selected his following legal consultants: